New Kpop group to debut – Aespa (Black mamba)

Aespa is a brand new kpop girl group that has recently debuted. It is debuting under the company SM, who the legendary girl group Girls Generation have debuted under. The special thing about Aespa is that they use 3d avatars in their debut music video Black Mamba along with the real kpop stars.

I think the song is good for a group that is debuting.

Here is their debut music video Black Mamba :

Special books – Binu and the Great Wall

Binu and the great wall is a retelling of the very old Chinese story about Meng Jiangnu who travels to the great wall in China to meet her husband who works at the great wall. The retelling was written by Su Tong and was released in 2006. The book shows Binu’s/Meng Jiangnu’s love for her husband, and how she travels far for some months to meet her husband. If i say more about the story, i will spoil the story.

I like the book, it’s a interesting story that i havent read about before.
It shows a different society, a different time era and different beliefs.

There has been several versions since ancient China of this story about Meng Jiangnu’s, this is one of the newest version/retellings of this story.

If you decide to pick this book up, i hope you will enjoy this book like i did.

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Korean dramas to watch – East of eden

East of eden is about a businessman killing one of his workers. And later there are two sons of the dead worker who fights for revenge against the businessman. The one brother is doing revenge by working to be prosecutor to be able to jail the business, the other brother is doing revenge by being a gangster/mafia to take revenger the violent way.

It’s a great written korean drama, about love, revenge and fighting for what you believe in. East of eden is a 12 year old korean drama.

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Korean Dramas to watch – When the weather is nice

When the weather is nice is a 2020 korean drama about a man and a woman who was in the same highschool class who later meet again in adult life.

The woman is a former music teacher in Seoul (the capital of South Korea) and goes back to the small town where she went to High School, there she meets a man she went to the same high school with, who after high school went to the military, and is now a bookstore owner and manager.

This tv series is a Romance Drama.

I recommend this korean drama, because its well written and the two main characters are really interesting and its nice to see a korean drama about a small town and showing life in a small town.

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Hong Kong Drama to watch – White War

White war is a 2020 hong kong drama about good friends who in adult life end up being police officers, one of them ends up working as mafia man in Hong Kong. I cant say more of the plot, or i am gonna spoil this Hong Kong Drama.

This tv series is a action, crime and police Hong Kong drama.

It is well written. And for people who like Action Dramas , i recommend it. It has alot of shooting scenes and fighting scenes.

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Most popular Kpop Bands

For this article right here, the metric we meassure as popularity is views on youtube.

Blackpink and BTS are the most popular kpop bands, Blackpinks is a girl group and BTS is a male group.

Blackpink has several musicvideos with extremely high views, two of them are Kill this love (more than one billion views) and 2020 music video that is 4-5 months old How You Like that (640 million views).

Bts has several music videos with extremely high views, two of them are 2020 music video Dynamite (588 million views) and DNA (more than 1 billions views).

Other kpop groups, doesnt have as many youtube views as Blackpink and BTS.

But there are other kpop groups that get over 100 millions views in their musicvideos like Twice.

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