Korean Dramas to watch – Missing The other side

Missing the other side is a 2020 korean drama. It’s about a man who is chased after korean gangsters and falls of a cliff, who gets saved by a old man , and then later he is able to enter a korean town where ghosts live, even though he is alive and not a ghost. The old man who saved him can also enter the korean ghost town.

In the korean drama the main character Kim Wook along with the old man Jang Pan-seok is looking after where the bodies of the ghosts in town is burried and who killed them, so the ghosts in the town can go further into the after life.

Missing the otherside has mystery, thriller and fantasy.

Its a good korean drama, which i recommend.

First in the left in the picture you see Heo Joon-ho as Jang Pan-seok, and in the middle you see Ahn So-hee as Lee Jong-ah, and in the end in the right you see Goo soo who plays as the main character Kim Wook.

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