Special books – Binu and the Great Wall

Binu and the great wall is a retelling of the very old Chinese story about Meng Jiangnu who travels to the great wall in China to meet her husband who works at the great wall. The retelling was written by Su Tong and was released in 2006. The book shows Binu’s/Meng Jiangnu’s love for her husband, and how she travels far for some months to meet her husband. If i say more about the story, i will spoil the story.

I like the book, it’s a interesting story that i havent read about before.
It shows a different society, a different time era and different beliefs.

There has been several versions since ancient China of this story about Meng Jiangnu’s, this is one of the newest version/retellings of this story.

If you decide to pick this book up, i hope you will enjoy this book like i did.

Source for the image/the book cover : www.goodreads.com

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